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Do you experience a feeling of dread, the horror of life having become too much to cope with, while inside your mind you ruminate obsessively over someone who barely knows or cares that you exist? This is limerence. I specialise in teaching people what it is, and how to recover from it.


Please watch these two excerpts from my group Limerence, How to Wake from the Dream, which I run weekly. The first slide describes how the insecure attachment styles in relationships set the scene for limerence, and the second excerpt describes some of the therapeutic processes that you will be working on when recovering from limerence.   




Even when life throws the very worst at us, we can learn resiliency and find inner strength. That is what I can teach you and model for you in individual sessions and in the groups I run. I have a deep understanding of the challenges people face when dealing with extreme difficulties, such as addiction, bereavement and trauma. I can help you find the tools you need to cope with these situations, and how to thrive and live well even after intense stress.


  • Wealden Psychology Institute, Integrative Counselling (Dip)
  • MBACP (Reg)
  • The Maine Enneagram Centre for Transformation & Wellbeing Training (Cert)
  • Edinburgh University, English Literature (MA)


I have a personal background of over 20 years in addiction recovery and most recently worked as a Group Therapist at The Kenward Trust,  Kent's leading Drug and Alcohol treatment facility. I am also trained in end of life counselling having worked in hospice care. I am very familiar with helping clients process deeply painful feelings and working through stressful life events.


  • Addiction Recovery
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Sexual Anorexia
  • Limerence Recovery
  • The Insecure Attachment Styles in Relationships
  • Bereavement
  • End of Life Counselling
  • Womb Twin Loss
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If you'd like to have a free 30 minute assessment, book a session or register for a group please contact me here


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